Friday, March 18, 2011


Hmm, where should i start?

this is chung ling butterworth concert
it started at night but i have started to feel nervous since morning
perhaps it is all to sudden for us
went to dewan sri pinang by school bus that is provided by the band, together with the juniors

the juniors are still as funny as always
always making laughter on any lil thing
well, we went for a short dinner at food court nearby before i meet up my friend

it is weird, a bit of it
the atmosphere that time
but fortunately got the way to makes me feel relax beside
fate of the gods, phantom of the opera
the songs i knew
and the encore is 'time to say goodbye'

after the concert
we got to stay and move instrument inside the hall as the next day are JSCO concert
have to help out a bit
while some of us are just standing there watching
and making fun
you guys are just so funny x)

well, after all those stuff
time to leave
jit sin seems to be the last to leave although it is not our concert today

i'll keep the memories nicely
today's just a sweet day for me

love ya :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Have been working at jusco for the last saturday and sunday
the product is enfagrow
well, my job is just teaching kids to play
1.catch the insects that are sticked on the board and put in a lil jar
2.paper activities, circle all the bugs on a picture,count legs for insects and their colour
what was the fun thing is that the kids are just cute
they will have their saliva dropping at the corner of the mouth when playing
some of them not even know how to write and just simply draw on the paper
some of them are just like to be 'hang机' (in cantonese) for a moment

when there are no kids, we got to give out flyers and attract kids to come over
and, we are just wearing like explorer in a jungle ><
jusco are just fulled of people especially in the night
even just after jusco open for business at 10am, ppls are coming

there is a yogurt drink corner just beside us
can see that we all are just try our best to get customers huh
we are so wanted to have a try on the drink larr, haha
and, we share laughters when start to get boring
making fun on a little thing

not to forget is the tropicana twister sampling girl
she gives me a full cup of the drink everytime i go her booth
it really energizes me up 
thank you so much girl :)

and lastly, 
get to know new friends in just 2 days
appreciate you guys so much
that's a sweet thing for me you know
i have started to miss you all

where is my salary??

Friday, March 11, 2011


i love vintage things, as i said earlier :)
i found the following two
super like
because they have both big, retro, bomb flash ^^

Brownie Holiday Flash
can be found in fossil
Brownie Haweye Flash
this one more retro

I understand that these camera has its film extinct
but i wish can have one as collection larr

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The future.

The guys are coming to my home today
sze chuen, jia siang and ing chuen
I have been waiting for them since noon and yet they appear at 3pm :x
the reason why they are coming is to ask me about the university application things

we are discussing in the beginning
soon after a while, 
chuen play in my room with everything inside, and also reading sinchan comic
jiasiang is viewing the photos
keane comes later than them

seems like everyone is quite interest in UMS
but not me, sorry dear

hope that everything goes smooth
and our future will be brightly shine =)

(I feel tired and sleepy now after together with the guys, sorry for short post )